Wednesday, 21 October 2015

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Few Lines About Our Company
We are going to start a war against online mafia companies and the software house mafia, they make many person fool and many innocent people has been misled by them, they work only for money they need is just money, they don’t care about needs of anybody.

We, a group of some friends decided to open our own company where we can do any kind of work with sincerely, honestly and with any hesitation, where our work and goal will be only to get tranquility We are smallest and newest company, but we have the power of will, guts and Passion to do anything, we have the knowledge and experience too and we are ready to bring Revolution.


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An SEO package which is designed by our company offering inexpensive SEO service, this package is affordable for each and every person without sacrificing search engines optimization quality. Approximately all website owners have some aim, to keep in mind your goal, we prepared this package which will boost your business and bring more and more traffic on your website. We have relegated useless submissions, advertisement, useless back links in this package.

Website Analysis With Complete SEO Strategy
Competitor Analysis
Complete On-page SEO
Complete Off-page SEO
Complete Social Media Optimization
Keyword Research and Analysis
Sitemap Submission
Link Audit
Google Analytic
Google Webmaster
Being Webmaster
Content Writing For Blogs
Ranking Reports (weekly)
W3C Validation
Robot.txt Optimization
Creating Blog
5 Keyword based Blog will be on Top
Paid Marketing (if you do say)

Target will be achieved during 6 months

Package Price $500


It’s up to you whatever you can afford is $____ acceptable. But keep be honest with you….!

If you have any kind of questions about this SEO package, then feel free to ask and you can contact us without any hesitation.

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Before you contact us, please visit our home page, where you will know few things about us and it will be beginning of honest relation.


Mailing & Office Address: 
H. No 887, Block L Sector 11
Orange Town, Karachi, Pakistan
Postal code - 75800



Mobile Phone:


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Must read before making a website or starting a business

Hello Dear….. I am going to share with you that how you can become a successful business man or how can your website is become first choice for everyone.

There are two types of people in this world

1st kind of people live life just for enjoyment, they think everything is possible by money, that kind of people don’t care of anyone, they only think about them self and without hesitation they are ready to do anything for their desire or ego, some of them are always be frustrated, always be angry, they Grumpy, Grabby and Greedy they never think just for a minute that kind of life they are living its some one’s DREAM its some one’s DESIRE and they are enjoying some one DREAM and DESIRE….

Think that now a life we are living somewhere someone in this world at the moment is thinking that one day I will live that kind of life, I will be there, or if I was there then me and my family always live happy over there.

2nd kind of people have Desire bring some change or do some different, they work because they are enjoying and they are feeling good.